Discover our new Hair Treatments! Fusing nature & science into a new powerful care for your hair.

Protection Cheveux Complexe a.ka. CRACK in the bottle

PCC is a new dimension in hair care. The revolutionary active ingredients complex renews the hair’s sulphur bonds to be 5x stronger with longer lasting effect and fills keratin gaps. PCC restores the hair’s natural amino acid content and protects the hair during and after colour services, for smooth and healthy hair. The hair significantly reduced hair breakage, increased tensile force, improved stretching without breaking. Starting from $30

Oil Therapy

Luxurious oils and powerful, natural ingredients sensuously penetrate your hair. Oil therapy deeply cares for your hair, offering intensive rejuvenation, elasticity and visible vibrancy.

Oil Therapy Volume:

Visibly reduces split ends and gives the hair new strength and body. A nourishing oil bath which deeply conditions the hair
with unsaturated fatty acids to replenish the oil and moisture reservoirs without weighing the hair down. Hair regains its elasticity, bounce and stability. The light cream balm strengthens and fixes the oil. Fine hair is strengthened and is given beautiful, healthy shine.

Oil Therapy Vital:

Restructures and tames the hair and makes it wonderfully soft. The nourishing oil bath deeply conditions hair with pure castor oil and unsaturated fatty acid derivatives, which deeply penetrate the hair structure and replenish the oil and moisture reservoirs. The hair regains elasticity, softness and stability. The rich cream balm surrounds every single hair as a protective coating, strengthening and fixing the oil. The hair is softer, smoother, regains combability and is given healthy shine. Starting from $40

Energy Shot

Balances out the roughness and minor damages in the cuticles within minutes! Provides shimmer, shine and smoothness. Treat your hair with gift of instant softness and easy to comb out, removing tangles without stressing the hair. Starting from $10

GLAM Colour Refresher * salon favourite

A quick and easy colour refresher to add noticeable shine. Prevent colour fading and encourage colour vibrancy. Starting from $15

Intensive Care

Hair strengthening deep conditioning treatment. Regeneration of the hair structure to improve shine and manageability. Starting At $10

Pure Luxury for Beautiful Hair Action 2 Phases

Efficient and pure – for exquisite shine, powerful elasticity and silky volume. A special treatment for intensive regeneration of the inner fibre structure. The external protective layer is completely repaired, strengthened and perfectly protected Starting At $35

Ricibios Oil Bath

For dry, brittle, dull Hair. Essential substances are restored to the hair to promote shine and improves structure. Repairing and softens even brittle hair. Best for severe dry and easily. $35 starting

Special Treatment for DRY Scalp

A specific scalp lotion to relieve tension of the dry scalp with valuable active ingredients and an activating shampoo with s relaxing scalp massage. Starting At $35

Hair & Scalp Treatments

Our team at Masters Touch Hair Salon invites you to explore our exciting world of hair colour and customized scalp and hair. Our professional team is devoted to enhancing your beauty from the inside to the outside

Special Treatment for DRY Scalp

A specific scalp lotion to relieve tension of the dry scalp with valuable active ingredients and an activating shampoo with us relaxing scalp massage. Starting At $35

Special Dandruff Treatment – 3PHASE

Relaxing scalp masque with Epicelan Clarificant to release scalp deposits and an activating shampoo with a relaxing scalp massage. Starting At $15

La Biosthetique Services

“Your hair is also a victim of stress and the side effects might be more than apparent. Treat your scalp and hair with a luxurious treatment to healand repair any signs of damage. You deserve it!”
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