Here at Masters Touch, our biggest priority is maintaining the integrity of the hair. Exclusively using La Biosthétique products, we offer a variety of different hair and scalp treatments to target your biggest concerns. From 10 minute treatments at the sink, to more intensive treatments, we have something for everyone’s needs. Contact us anytime for more information about the best option for your hair and scalp!

Salon Exclusive Intensive Treatments


Oil Therapy

A salon exclusive two-step treatment consisting of a nourishing oil bath and strengthening cream balm. With two unique formulations, designed to give your hair specifically what it needs. Containing Cold Pressed Palma Christi Oil, Tolu Balsam, and Keratin. Starting from $30

Oil Therapy Volume:

Visibly reduces split ends and gives the hair new strength and body. A nourishing oil bath deeply conditions the hair. Unsaturated fatty acids replenish the oil and moisture reservoirs without weighing the hair down. Hair regains its elasticity, bounce, and stability. The light cream balm strengthens and fixes the oil. Fine hair is strengthened and given beautiful, healthy shine.

Oil Therapy Vital:

Restructures and tames the hair, making it wonderfully soft. The nourishing oil bath deeply conditions the hair with pure castor oil and unsaturated fatty acid derivatives, which deeply penetrate the hair structure and replenish the oil and moisture reservoirs. The hair regains elasticity, softness and stability. The rich cream balm surrounds every single hair as a protective coating, strengthening and fixing the oil. The hair is softer, smoother, regains combability and is given healthy shine.

PCC – Protection Cheveux Complexe

Although chemical treatments are becoming much gentler than they used to be, they can still cause structural damage. Luckily, we are now able to avoid this with the help of PCC. PCC is a new dimension in hair care. The revolutionary active ingredient complexe protects, restructures and conditions the hair both inside and outside during and after chemical treatments. Starting from $30

Without the Protection of Cheveux Complexe:

  • There can be broken open sulphur bonds (oxidation damage.)
  • Gaps in the hair structure due to reduction of the amount of keratin in the hair (material loss.)
  • Rough and damaged hair surface.

With the Protection of Cheveux Complexe:

  • Protection and formation of the sulphur bonds.
  • Keratin in the hair is maintained.
  • The surface of the hair is regenerated and protected.

Two-step process consisting of:

Complexe 1:
Complexe 1 Concentrate is added during the chemical treatment to restructure and protect the hair. (Can also be used on its own without a chemical treatment.)

Complexe 2:
After the chemical treatment with Complexe 1 Concentrate there is a restructuring and protective conditioning application with Complexe 2 Spray + Mask Intense.

The Result

  • Proven to significantly reduce hair breakage.
  • Much stabler, more resistant hair.
  • Protection and renewal of the molecular hair structure from within.
  • 20 % more softness.
  • Healthy and naturally beautiful hair.


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