Permanent Wave

Master’s Touch Hair Salon has been doing perms since the 80’s!

Hair styles, like fashion, are cyclical. Styles will fade in and out depending on their ability to endure the passing fashion trends but some pass the test of time and are improved as time goes on. The perm is one of those trends. When it started out in the 1980’s, its extreme volume and untamed appearance was quickly accepted by many. Since then, the technology has been refined to given all clients the tamed, defined volume and curl they always wished they had.

As a Surrey hair salon that has been in business for over 30 years, which means that we were there when the perm started and have mastered our skills in the treatment ever since. If you suffer from flat, lifeless hair, we think the perm is a great solution!

Try a permanent wave for:

  • Soft, wash-and-wear hair
  • An increase in volume and texture
  • Define and refine naturally unruly hair
  • Long-lasting results

Surrey Hair Salon

Whether you want waves or curls, Master’s Touch Hair Salon has the experience to tame even the unruliest of hair and we keep your safety in mind from beginning to end. Hair perms offer great results but should always be performed by professional. If the perm is set improperly, hair can become broken and brittle, which is why hair health is a priority in everything we do.

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