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Hair Colour Specialists and so much more!

As resilient as we may force it to appear, hair is actually a very fragile thing. When you stop to consider how much it has to endure on a daily basis, from sun, wind, cold and pollution to all the manipulation we force out of it by curling, straightening, prodding and primping, it’s a wonder it survives at all!

At Master’s Touch Hair Salon, we believe that beautiful hair begins with healthy hair, which is why we embrace a holistic approach to hair health that influences everything we do. We certainly want your hair to look great but we don’t believe it has to be at the expense of its long-term health. After 25 years in business, we know that it is possible to keep hair healthy while still making it look beautiful.

Come to our Surrey hair salon for the following hair services:

  • Colours: Custom colours are our specialty at Master’s Touch Hair Salon. Because no two people are alike, we think your colour should be as unique as you are!
  • Cut & Style: The perfect hair cut requires far more than knowing how to handle a pair of scissors. Our stylists are trained and refined in their skill of matching hair styles to what is best for your individual facial structure and natural beauty.
  • Permanent Wave (Perms): We started doing perms as soon as they became popular and since then, have refined our skills and knowledge of the latest technologies and trends to give you the body and wave you have always dreamed of! Let our professional stylists introduce you to the many benefits of the permanent wave.
  • Smoothing Treatments: The appearance of beautiful, smooth and shiny hair is only the beginning. The therapeutic benefits of our hair smoothing treatments provide health and beauty of the hair from the roots up – literally!
  • Special Occasions: When it’s time to look your best, let our professional stylists handle your hair, nails and makeup. There is no need to stress about your appearance for a special occasion, we are here to help!

Whatever your hair care needs may be, our Surrey hair salon is waiting to serve you with more than 25 years of experience. Find your home for hair care, style and colour at Master’s Touch Hair Salon.

Call us at 604-581-5727 to schedule your appointment or free consultation!


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